The Keyword Factor by Alison Wood

The Keyword Factor

Learn to find, use and profit from keywords.
If you are tired of relying on social media and promotion to help your business get found, then it’s time to explore a form of marketing that can bring ongoing traffic to your website.

Namely, getting found in the search engines. Yes, Google and Bing etc!

All those keywords and keyword phrases you use on your website, in your blog posts and yes even on social media – I’m looking at you Pinterest – can help you get found by people looking for what you offer.

I have a number of niche sites, some of which were started 10 years ago now. Want the good news? Many of the posts on them are showing up high in ranking in Google and bring me traffic – and sales – year after year.

By doing a little research up front I can discover what people are actually looking for when they type something into Google for my niche. Once I know that, I can create the content they need. But it’s not just about finding keywords, it’s about what you do with them, once you have discovered them.

Do you want to be showing up for keywords in your niche and finding an audience who want what you offer?
Then The Keyword Factor is for you.

What's In This Course

How to Find Relevant Keywords: I will walk you step by step through how I research keywords using a free tool – it’s not techie and you will find out a great deal about what your audience wants.

Can I guarantee you will end up on the first page of Google? No, that’s not possible because search engine optimization is made up of many  factors. But what I can do is show you how to give yourself the best chance possible – and it’s what I do every day on my sites to get found.

What To Do With the Keywords: Once you have discovered the keywords you want to use, it’s important to use them in your content in a way that helps  you to get discovered. We walk through that process – a method which can be used on whichever website platform you use. 

Social Media:  Keywords can also help you on social media. Pinterest is at heart a search engine and therefore including the keywords you have used in your blogs, sales pages and product descriptions can again help you to get found.

Hashtags (another form of keywords) can be helpful on Instagram and Twitter and we walk through how to discover the ones that are right for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips : I also run through a number of tips which can all help to boost your website in the rankings. Again these are not highly technical areas – they are just simple steps that consistently done can help you get found.

How Will This Course Be Delivered?

  • This course is live now and includes a series of short videos. You can watch them at your own pace and revisit them whenever you wish.
  • There will be checklists and worksheets included to help you keep track of what you have learned.
  • There is a private Facebook group for additional support. Here you can network with fellow business owners and ask me questions direct. 

Who Is This Course For?

If you want to take your reliance off social media and build a business that will have people finding you month after month and year after year, this course is for you.

The work you do now – and it’s fun work – will reap benefits for your business moving forward. When you start getting found round the clock, then you start realising the power of keywords.

Watch the video to see just one of the keywords I rank on the first page of Google for and how that came about.

What's included?

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Welcome to the Keyword Factor
Time to Join Our Private Group
An Introduction to Keywords
Let's Get Started
What are keywords and the value of long-tailed keywords.
12 mins
What's Your Audience Searching For?
14 mins
Researching Keywords
Researching Keywords Part 1
6 mins
Researching Keywords Part 2
14 mins
Researching Keywords Part 3
14 mins
Researching Keywords Part 4
8 mins
Using Keywords
Where to Place Your Keywords
18 mins
General SEO Tips
Let's Dive Into SEO
15 mins
SEO Checklist.pdf
114 KB
DIY Website Audit_2020.pdf
62.2 KB
Keywords & Pinterest
6 mins
Let's Get Ranking
Congrats and a Round-Up
4 mins

Ready to Join Us?

Find out more below about what's included in the course and then come on board.

You can watch the videos, ask me questions in our Facebook group and then take what you have learned to start getting more eyes on your content. 

LETS'S GET RANKING! I'll see you on the inside.